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About us

We hold the conviction that video is the most powerful medium to captivate audiences and spur action. It’s the visual language where innovation meets narrative, bridging understanding across the globe.

We make sure your idea & creation delivered properly

Our team is the foundation of our success. It includes skilled marketers, creative designers, and innovative creators. Moreover, we have influential trendsetters, musicians, videographers, and those passionate about data. Together, we have a vision for what’s coming. Not only are we skilled, but we also bring enjoyment to our work. So, come and experience it for yourself!

Mystic Media Film creates tools that simplify social media marketing for small and medium-sized businesses. We steer our clients through the changing world of social media. This saves them time and leads to real results. Furthermore, we constantly innovate, developing new offerings. Additionally, we seek people ready to make an impact every day and advance our goals.

“Making an impact, together”

Mystic Media Film Founder

Why We Do It

Social media opens unprecedented direct channels for businesses to connect with their customers, creating opportunities that were once unimaginable. Yet, numerous small businesses lack the resources to seize this potential fully. That’s where we step in to assist.

Our passion for our customers stems from a shared reality—they are genuine individuals chasing their dreams, just like us. We’re devoted to simplifying their lives. Our goal is to not just meet their expectations but to exceed them, to not just satisfy them but to delight them, and to make extraordinary efforts to bring smiles to their faces.

We help bussiness to grow faster and bigger

Mystic Media Film is based in Houston, Texas. Additionally, we offer a wide range of media services. These are for companies, groups, and individuals. For instance, our team creates many types of videos. This includes animated videos for software, as well as documentaries about company culture. Moreover, we make videos for Kickstarter or other fundraising efforts. Similarly, we produce commercials and full-length documentaries. Finally, we make sure every video is impactful and creative, no matter its size.

Professional Team

Building a thorough understanding of your business and sector requires time. We recognize this. That's why we provide a dedicated team of content creators to collaborate with you consistently. They will be with you for the entirety of our partnership, ensuring a smooth and cohesive relationship between our team and yours.

Target Oriented

Our content team delves into the details of your business. They partner with you to spot innovative ideas and stories at the forefront of your industry. Then, we craft these concepts into clear, thoroughly researched content. This helps establish your brand as a thought leader and builds genuine authority in your field.

Success Guarantee

Collaborating with our content creators is more economical than maintaining an in-house writing staff. Additionally, the right team can produce content that matches or surpasses in-house quality. The result is achieving your desired outcomes while saving significantly on both financial and temporal resources.

Maximize Content Creation Investments

Your marketing objectives become ours. We add commercial value to your brand through purposeful creative services. Moreover, each asset is linked to measurable financial outcomes. We create, monitor, analyze, and report on your content’s performance. Furthermore, our services amplify effective strategies and refine the rest.

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Meet our lovely team

Anthony Arriaga Marquez

Anthony Arriaga

CO - Founder | Digital Marketing Strategist

Saige Santana

CO - Founder | Creative Director

Daryl Joy Merencillo

Lead | Graphic Designer

Branten Ogg

Director of Community Intern

Stacey Blanco

Visual Storyteller Intern

Eric Crain

DP / Gaffer / AC / Editor / Filmmaker

Tristan Aurelio

Lead Content Creator | Video Editor

Drew Weiser

Video Editor

We are always looking for new amazing talents

We seek top-tier talent to enhance our team. Our goal is to cultivate a workplace rich in creativity and teamwork. This nurtures our audience’s curiosity about their surroundings. Conveniently located just 30 minutes from Houston and a couple of hours from Galveston, our Katy office affords our team the lifestyle and leisure of picturesque Houston, Texas.